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Rock n Roll Resort v4: The Dream Machine


Welcome back Team Northeast ROCKSTARS!!! We are getting ready for Rock n Roll Resort v4 THE DREAM MACHINE. As always we are looking for a special handful of folks who want to come help us make this show all it can be. All previous Team Northeast volunteers who have shown exceptional commitment and growth will first be considered as priority to secure their volunteer position, we will also be selecting a few new comers to join the team, so submit your application if you think you have what it takes. By that I mean, are you hard working, responsible, respectful, full of positive vibes and energy, want to have a real good time and help others do the same. Here’s how you can exchange a bit of your time for your ticket.

This time around we are implementing a 3 tiered program for the volunteers. We realize that some of you want to give a little more to the event those folks would be considered our “Staff in training” and some of you want to work your hours and get on with your weekend that would be considered “Regular volunteering” and for those of you in between we have a “Super volunteer” option.

**Everyone is required to put down a refundable deposit of $125 that you will get back after the successful completion of your hours.

Note: The deposit is only 100% refundable if paid in cash or by money order. A $20 Credit Card processing fee will be added to all deposits made by CC.

**Tier 1 volunteers are those who want to give a little time over the weekend in exchange for their passes. For those of you who select this option we will require a non-refundable application fee of $125 and 12 hours of your time.

**Tier 2 volunteers are considered “Super Volunteers” and these folks want to give a little more. We are asking for a non-refundable application fee of $75 and 16 hours of your time.

** Tier 3 is a special category of folks. This option is only open to previous Team Northeast volunteers, and is considered “Staff in Training” For the folks who chose this option there is no application fee required, but we expect 20+ hours of your time. These are the volunteers who always go above and beyond in everything that they do, and it shows.

Volunteer positions include:
1. A discounted weekend pass.
2. Access to a room (shared with up to 6 volunteers).
3. Complimentary meals throughout the weekend.
4. Official volunteer t-shirt.
5. Official event poster.

Volunteer application:

**One of the Team Northeast volunteer coordinators will be in touch shortly after your application has been received**