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The Werkout Festival

The Werkout Music & Arts Festival


Team Northeast is looking for ROCKSTAR volunteers to help out with The Werkout Music Festival. The event is being held in Legend Valley Concert Venue & Campground in Thornville, OH on the weekend of August 7-9th! In it’s 5th, year the festival brings awareness to musical styles that are the backbone of the vibrant music scene in the Midwest. It serves as showcase in a shared playground between artist and participant and draws people from all across the United States. Here at Team Northeast, we hold our volunteers to the highest standards. We’re stepping into new territory and are looking for some hard working, dedicated, and positive folks who are willing to give 110% to our new friends. Volunteers who want to help out and contribute to the entire event please apply here! It takes several hands and a solid team to make these festivals happen. Let’s get in there and crush it! Volunteer positions need to be filled from Thurs, Aug 7th-10th.

Here’s how it works:
1) Complete the volunteer application form and click ‘submit’.
2) You will be followed up with by a Team Northeast volunteer coordinator.
3) You will be responsible for the following payments:
    a. $120.00 deposit, which will be refunded after you complete your volunteer shifts**
    b. $ 20.00 application fee, which covers your official volunteer T-Shirt for the event
4) Arrive at the pre-designated time and location, ready to work for your assigned shifts.
5) Enjoy being a part of the team! Remember, being part of The Werkout’s volunteer crew means your goal is to do the best you can do to contribute to the successful operation of the event during your shift. All of those good times that you recollect so fondly from past festivals happened in part due to the positive attitude and efforts of volunteers like yourselves. Let’s pay it forward to patrons who are here to have a safe, fun and memorable experience. It’ll be a treasured moment in everyone’s summer!

** The deposit is 100% refundable if paid via USPS money order. A credit card processing fee of $25.00 will be charged for all deposits paid by credit card. Deposits will be returned within a maximum of 1 week after the event and upon successful completion of your volunteer responsibilities. (deposits will be returned on site where possible)

*** We have a very limited amount of volunteer positions available for The Werkout. Those selected will be first come and first to satisfy all of the application requirements. (a filled out application, the payment of volunteer app fee, and timely submission of the deposit)

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