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There are so many added values in using wristbands.  It allows for a quick answer to the question of, ‘did that person buy a ticket?’.  In today’s world there are dozens of wristband options.  Unfortunately there are always going to be people trying to make fake wristbands.  Having the knowledge and experience of how to avoid these cheats is something that we have taken a lot of pride in over the years.  If patrons are sneaking in or making fake wristbands for your event then a solution is needed to prevent your monetary losses.  We have many solutions and have your best interest in mind when it comes to preventing these illegitimate transactions.

We offer:

  • embroidered cloth wristbands (next to impossible to duplicate)
  • tyvek wristbands, crazy colors & crazy shapes (much more difficult to duplicate)
  • tyvek wristbands, one color imprint or multi color
  • numbered wristband sequences