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Merch Development

To capitalize on your event branding, we specialize in designing and producing cost effective and profitable merchandise lines. If you can place your hand on it, we typically can find a vendor with the right product for you. We have everything from Ts and hoodys to pint glasses and jump drives. If you can imagine your name on it, we can get it on there.

Not only are we working with some of top artists from throughout the world, we’re also working with state of the art product manufacturers. We want to ensure profitibility and sales, but we always take product quality into consideration before making any decisions. Some clients want cheap $3 t-shirts, but some clients also want $10 t-shirts. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the merchandise brands to print on, it’s all about the image that you’re trying to portray.

Although our list of potential merchandise items would simply be too long, here are some of our top products:

  • t-shirts / long sleeves
  • sweatshirts / hoodys
  • polos / button downs
  • hats/visors
  • embroidery
  • posters
  • BIC lighters
  • fleece / jackets
  • lawn chairs
  • jump drives / memory sticks
  • throw blankets / fleece blankets