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VolunteersInTicketingTeam Northeast has always been proud of our volunteer crew.  We have a database of several hundred (and growing) volunteers at our disposal when we have a new event to find volunteers for.  Our system is much more strict than most.  We understand that just because you’re saving money on a volunteer, versus a paid staff member, that does not mean that you’re going to get the same worth out of your investment.

Volunteers DO NOT equal free work!  We have an evaluation system that allows to ‘get to know’ our volunteers before they even step foot on site.  Our system also allows us to place qualified people into the proper roles.  Allowing a ‘volunteer’ to be in charge of money doesn’t sounds like a good idea, but when that volunteer is a college graduate in accounting and has their CPA, you may think twice.  A lot of volunteers out there want a free ticket.  At Team Northeast, our volunteers are looking for education and experience.  We can guarantee that, with the right planning, we will provide you with the most responsible volunteer crew that your event has ever seen.

There is an understanding that our volunteers represent Team Northeast.  With that in mind, we do everything within our power to ensure that you will not have volunteers that represent your company, or Team Northeast, in a bad light.  You expect courteous, kind, and obedient volunteers and that’s what we plan on delivering.


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